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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Carless & Adams Partnership Quality Policy

Carless & Adams Partnership have been providing quality services since our founding. At the very conception of the company our philosophy was and remains to put the customer and quality first, we have succeeded in establishing our highly regarded reputation on this foundation. Carless & Adams Partnership is dedicated to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. 

It is the policy of the Carless & Adams Partnership to provide its services to clients at the highest standards. In order to achieve this, the company has developed & implemented this Quality Management System, which conforms to the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2008 as well as to applicable Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

Specific Quality Objectives and Targets relating to the organisation & its Quality Management System are set and reviewed as necessary, during the Management Review process. This Quality Management System assists in the attainment of the company’s objective of continuous improvement, through adopted policies aimed at reducing and preventing the recurrence of Non-Conformances, which in turn reduce costs and complaints for Carless & Adams Partnership and improve Client perception and expectation.

The Carless & Adams Partnership team are responsible for the quality of their own work and for compliance to the requirements of its Quality Management System, in conjunction with related Operational processes and procedures. Staff are directed and encouraged to report any quality related issues affecting the company’s QMS or Client satisfaction. This policy is communicated to all staff, whilst ensuring that they understand all the relevant aspects of it. 

The Quality system ensures that the Company can fulfil contractual obligations by:

  • Ensuring that all activities which directly affect the quality of service are carried out under controlled conditions.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of quality indicators which provide the feedback to enable   quality improvements to be maintained.
  • Providing up to date documentation, operating procedures and work instructions to all relevant personnel.
  • The use of suitably competent personnel.

As the Managing Partner I am ultimately responsible for the performance of the Carless & Adams Partnership QMS and the quality of its services. It is important for the continuing development of the company to ensure that this policy is maintained and continues to remain suitable & effective at all levels within the organisation.

Mike Bunyan
Managing Partner