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Passionate + Committed

At Carless + Adams, we understand that the provision of high-quality care has never mattered more and we are passionate about the services we provide. We have positioned ourselves as an Architectural Practice with an exclusive focus on design of the highest-quality integrated retirement communities, supported living and care accommodation to help residents and carers to live their best possible lives.

With over sixty years’ proud history, we are driven every day by our passion and determination to reimagine the future of supported living and promote independence, wellbeing and quality of life. We are proud to already be a partner of choice for over 200 clients across the UK and to have built a strong reputation throughout the sector. Commitment to excellence is at the very heart of our business, with a relentless focus on quality of design, innovation and best practice.

Innovative + Pioneering

With an ageing population and a growing requirement for integrated retirement communities, supported living and care accommodation in the UK, we work collaboratively with our clients to assist in meeting this demand. We believe that providing the correct accommodation can empower people and allow them to live a life filled with choice and dignity. Statistics show that interaction between different age groups can help build solid, supportive communities while alleviating isolation. Intergenerational communities have a host of benefits, which we firmly believing in designing for.

We embrace change, continual innovation and evolution. We want to be recognised in the care sector as the leading provider of construction consultancy services and we are continually looking for ways to enhance our environments, from the perspectives of both function and form. We want to lead the sector, to ensure the highest possible standards are consistently upheld and to shape the future of supported living and care in vibrant, attractive (and of course functional) environments, nestled at the very heart of our wider communities.

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We won’t achieve what we want to achieve for the care sector if we don’t have the best people