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Always striving for better

Always striving for better

Carless + Adams has been built on a simple and passionately held belief that by focusing the outstanding architectural and technical skills of our team exclusively on the creation of the highest quality supported living and care accommodation in the UK, we can help residents and carers to live their best possible lives.

We recently conducted a client survey for completed projects to ensure that our clients and contractors held the same view about our work as we did….and fortunately they did! Being able to assess our services, products, knowledge, communication lines enabled our clients to honestly feedback and critique projects we have worked with them on. This is an essential part of the project to ensure that we can continuously strive to improve upon services provided to clients.

As well as answering a series of questions around our service delivery, we had some lovely feedback which makes us feel humbled:

Project: Tonbridge Extra Care

Client: Masonry Frame Systems Ltd

We were delighted to work with Carless + Adams on this project and felt they wholeheartedly embraced the new systems promoted and consider they made significant contribution to the overall success of the project.

Project: Development projects

Client: Sunrise Senior Living

Carless + Adams provide highly professional services that deliver the brief every time. Their collaborative culture and style promotes an excellent and enjoyable working partnership for me as a client.

The responses showed that our open lines of communication at every level and development of teamwork between the client and us was at a very satisfactory level. Similarly, there was a huge positive response to recommending Carless + Adams and employing us on future projects. We will strive to achieve and improve on these standards to ensure that client expectation continues to meet our service promise. We will always adapt to changes in requirements, monitor our business processes to enhance innovation and continue our CPD journeys to ensure that clients receive the best architectural and technical knowledge available.

Carless + Adams is passionate about redefining retirement living and care accommodation communities and changing perceptions of these environments. Our dedication to designing successful projects that promote independence whilst empowering their residents, combined with the enthusiasm and passion of our clients, will enable us to create facilities we would all choose to live in. It’s great to work together as a team to achieve this.

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