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CSCS Cards health and safety

Health and Safety CSCS Cards

Despite the temporary interruption to the industry caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, that has demanded a temporary suspension of construction on many sites in the UK, Carless + Adams has maintained CPD and ensured that we are keeping up to date with the current health and safety requirements for being on a construction site.

Government extends planning permission expiry

The Government has recently reviewed legislation in relation to planning permission and the impact of Coronavirus after pressure was applied by building industry groups asking for an extension. Recognising that the pandemic has caused delays to construction, planning permission that had an expiry date between 23rd March 2020 (start of the UK’s lockdown) and 31st December 2020 will be automatically extended to 1st April 2021.

Estuary View, Care Home, Whitstable

Estuary View care home, Whitstable

Despite the challenges faced by the Covid-19 outbreak, Carless + Adams, as lead designer, have successfully lead the design team in producing a Tender pack for a new 101 suite Care Home in Whitstable for Graham Land & Development.   With our team fully enabled remotely, using Microsoft Teams our design team meetings and drawing reviews have continued at a pace allowing the design and …

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Intergenerational Care

Is it time for intergenerational care to be moved up the agenda?

There are already successful schemes from further afield in Europe and we need to embrace this way of thinking and make it part of the care agenda in the UK. Notwithstanding the immediate need to practice social distancing, not least with the most vulnerable of groups, for the long term (post Covid) a concept that flips the traditional misconceptions of care homes where residents can often feel segregated from society, whilst enabling the residents to continue contributing to their wider community as they have done their whole lives can surely only have a positive.

RIBA Covid-19 advice

From lobbying government on the key issues that matter, to providing practical advice on practice resilience and remote working, the RIBA are tailoring their plans and tactics to respond to members’ feedback and supporting them every step of the way.