Dudbrook Hall Care Home – Intergenerational Care

Carless + Adams are really excited to have submitted a full planning application for a new 62 bed care home, as well as alterations to the existing Dudbrook Hall Care Home on the site for St Michael’s Homes Ltd.

In addition to the new care home, the renovations also facilitate the needs of children in a new nursery centre. Although distinct from the functioning of the new care home development, opportunities will be available externally to integrate the two polar generations to stimulate the social interactions between both age groups, which has been shown to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly. This of course on the basis that it becomes safe to do so in light of COVID-19.

This concept, known as ‘Intergenerational Care’ is where supervised interaction between the elderly and the young is encouraged within a controlled environment. Within the care home an intergenerational wellbeing room and garden will allow these interactions to occur. 

Some of the benefits for the elderly residents include relief from being the object of care, cognitive stimulation through direct learning and participation, and increased physical movement; all of which have been proven to successfully combat depression. Societal benefits can also be seen in the inclusivity, respect and bi directional learning across all ages with the children receiving enhanced learning development whilst improving their confidence and social skills.

We believe that this model is certainly beneficial to the wider community and in the future aim to work on and promote similar schemes that incorporate alternative functions on site that the elderly residents can benefit from.