It’s 5.30, go home.

It’s 5.30, go home.

If you’ve visited our office – newly refurbed, lucky us – you’ll have no doubt spotted the pool table and the very welcoming kitchen. You may even have seen some of the team in a huddle and having a laugh. It’s what we do – get on with one another, be considerate towards everyone and really do watch each other’s backs. The HSE states that work-related stress is now the number one cause of employee sickness absence which is a scary and very worrying fact. No-one deserves additional stress from their employer when life throws enough your way.

The HSE’s Working Minds tool kit identifies six key causes of stress which Carless + Adams are proud to continue to focus upon:

  • Demands – Stress can be caused by an unequal matching of work demands to skills. Architecture requires CPD which is something we actively encourage the team to take part in. We ensure time is allocated for this as we recognise the positives that individuals gain from this.
  • Control – Architecture demands that planning is scheduled at each step – this management of projects can ensure that appropriate work loads by the skilled individuals is sensibly planned to meet the needs of the project, budget and the person!
  • Support – TEAM, that’s what we are! Morning miles, kitchen cuppas, team catch ups all contribute to knowing that we are there for one another to provide support
  • Relationships – ours thrive on positivity, cooperation and listening to one another
  • Role – clear focus on team individual roles, accessible organisation charts and clear channels for discussions are available to ensure that everyone knows where they are and where they are going
  • Change – this goes hand in hand with communication. Over the last few years we’ve had some changes from promotions to refurbishments but the one thing that has always been present is that we have spoken about what is happening in advance, given updates and reviewed anything afterwards. We like to talk so understand the importance of keeping everyone informed so that all changes are positively received

At Carless + Adams we pride ourselves on a solid work life balance which is practised from the top down. We recognise that we work in a creative industry where we are fortunate to have a great impact on people’s lives with the architectural designs that we develop. Trying to draw such life changing plans just won’t come if our minds are full of feelings of overwhelming worry.

We take the time to get to know one another and our ‘morning mile’ ensures our leadership team take the time to walk and talk with team members on a one to one basis for a chat – whether that be on a crucial detail of a project, the weekends activities or something that they find difficult discussing in a formal setting (although with hard hats, steel toe capped boots and high vis vests on our desks you can visualise we are not that formal!).

Everyone and their opinion is valued and they know this. Apart from when it comes to biscuit choice as that can really cause some heated debates! Now, who wants a cuppa?

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