Patrycja Kaczmarek

Patrycja Kaczmarek +
Team Leader, Senior Architect

What do you do at Carless + Adams?
 I lead a team of four, both architects and technologists, on a day-to-day basis, helping to shape the client’s dreams into fully functioning care facilities. I oversee the design projects through RIBA work stages 1 to 3.

Why did you get into architecture?
I have always found structures fascinating! As a child I wanted to be an Archaeologist, a female version of Heinrich Schliemann. One day I decided I want to create rather than unearth someone else’s creations. Over 20 years in the field and I have not regretted that decision yet.

What do you do outside of Carless + Adams?
I like a bit of cycling, gardening and spending time with my two children.

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Work + Play

Working for Carless + Adams

Every member of the team is crucial to our success and it’s equally vital that they feel respected, appreciated and recognised for the great work they do and above all enjoy their time at work. Our ambition is to make care a positive choice and we won’t achieve that without a positive culture.

We work hard but we work smart as a team and we’re always there for each other. For those with the stamina, we’ll play hard too. There’s always a cheeky get together at the pub on a Friday and every year we host two company events, a summer day out and winter party chosen by the team. And you’ve got to stay healthy too, so you’ll always find fresh fruit in the kitchen.

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This is what makes us tick… + tock

Can do attitude

We strive for simplicity
(life is only as hard as you make it!)


Grow our business in a way that makes us proud


If it’s to be me,
it’s up to me


Do what you say, know and do what’s right

Enjoy what you do

Job satisfaction

Committed to excellence

Professional team


A constant search
for innovation


Teamwork is the key
ingredient. We’re
exceptional as one

Speak freely

Listen earnestly,
communicate openly
collaborate effectively

Play hard

Work hard

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