Stewart Anderson

Stewart Anderson +
Associate Director

What do you do at Carless + Adams?
 I am part of the managerial team with a close view on the technical output of the practice with a specific focus on the transition of a project from design to technical and making that as smooth as possible.

Why did you get into architecture? 
My plan was always to join the Army after University and my best subject at school was technical drawing so it seemed like a good match to study Architectural Technology prior to joining. However, going from a military school to the freedom of University, my plans quickly changed and then all my focus went into Architecture. A small foray into Architecture itself at University led me to find my calling not as an Architect but as a Technician as I liked the nuts and bolts part of the job, there being a right answer and a wrong answer, and the technicality of making a building buildable.

What do you do outside of Carless + Adams?
 In my spare time I like to play golf when I can fit it in, gaming of all varieties. I enjoy watching rugby and even been known to play again at the odd school reunion.

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Working for Carless + Adams

Every member of the team is crucial to our success and it’s equally vital that they feel respected, appreciated and recognised for the great work they do and above all enjoy their time at work. Our ambition is to make care a positive choice and we won’t achieve that without a positive culture.

We work hard but we work smart as a team and we’re always there for each other. For those with the stamina, we’ll play hard too. There’s always a cheeky get together at the pub on a Friday and every year we host two company events, a summer day out and winter party chosen by the team. And you’ve got to stay healthy too, so you’ll always find fresh fruit in the kitchen.

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Can do attitude

We strive for simplicity
(life is only as hard as you make it!)


Grow our business in a way that makes us proud


If it’s to be me,
it’s up to me


Do what you say, know and do what’s right

Enjoy what you do

Job satisfaction

Committed to excellence

Professional team


A constant search
for innovation


Teamwork is the key
ingredient. We’re
exceptional as one

Speak freely

Listen earnestly,
communicate openly
collaborate effectively

Play hard

Work hard

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