Dudbrook Hall Care Home and Nursery

Dudbrook Hall Care Home and Nursery (A-761) - Image 1
Dudbrook Hall Care Home and Nursery (A-761) - Image 2
Dudbrook Hall Care Home and Nursery (A-761) - Image 3

Project Brief

New 62 bedroom care home and alterations to the existing care home including intergenerational facilities.


The existing facility requires a change in programme to be used as a day centre in order to accommodate for the growing needs of the current residents. It will be utilizing the concepts of intergenerational care which has been shown to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the elderly. The interaction between the young and elderly in a controlled environment has multiple benefits on a physical and societal scale.

On the site, which is located in the Green Belt, the external areas act as a buffer between the primary care home and the nursery to allow for a higher level of privacy. The public and private spaces aim to have minimal impact on the surrounding landscaping on the site, maintaining the exquisite views and scenery for the residents.

The first floor is designed to accommodate specialist dementia care with secure garden spaces and quiet dining areas. The material language of the site is in line with the existing contemporary look and the retained height of the building ensures there is no conflict with neighbouring buildings.

This scheme is in line with the aspirations of the clients goals and aims to improve the quality of life as well as allowing for the care home to play a bigger part within its community. The intergenerational wellbeing spaces will benefit both the elderly residents and the local children.



St Michael’s Home Ltd



Scope of Services:

RIBA Stages 0-3


Full planning permission granted in 2020

Site Area:

1.70Ha, 4.2acres

Total m2:



62 care bedrooms


“Calm and assured management of the entire process, leading us end to end, from initial concept through to a successful planning application. There is no substitute for expertise, gained through depth of experience, combined with great design.”