Suffolk Reprovision

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_0019_Suffolk Reprovision 4
_0018_Suffolk Reprovision 5
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Project Brief

Design and assist in delivering a series of new care homes that will meet the proven demand for care in Suffolk through a reprovision structure.


Utlising two standard models for a 60 & 80 bed care home, these were adapted for individual sites with a number of totally bespoke designs included.

10 projects were completed over a 3 year period including provisions for a stand alone day centre on some sites. Car UK had an ambitious programme whereby collaboration and teamwork were essential to meet our most challenging brief.

The design received a finalist award in the “Care Village Category” at Pinders 2018.






Scope of Services:

RIBA Stages 0-7


All projects completed


10 x Care Homes

SIMON GREENSTREET (Wilkins Partnership Limited)

"I have enjoyed an uninterrupted business relationship with Carless and Adams for more than 20 years and in excess of 4,000 care home beds and 1,000 later living housing schemes. The main reasons for this ongoing relationship was that CAP really took time to understand both the sector and the operation of the building and its challenges before they commenced design. They really listen and then apply their skill, expertise and knowledge to the task. Carless and Adams are one of the few practices that understand cost is important and try to deliver their architectural language in a way that is sensitive to the cost parameters. With a high level of customer focus and service I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone associated with the social care and housing sector.”

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