VR, 360 Tours & Videos


Visualising how you may fit into a new environment is hard to conceive when you are so familiar with your current home surroundings. Making the decision to move into an integrated retirement community or care home has always been a big, and often tough, choice. Sometimes it is spurred on by necessity which makes the move even harder, but more often we are seeing people decide the time is right to move into a new home that suits their needs as they change.

Experiencing the environment in an integrated retirement community or care home and how you could conceive your life there, can generally only be seen from a sweeping tour. Being able to experience through VR and CGI imagery how your life could integrate into a new home can make the decision to move more approachable and welcoming.

Carless + Adams has developed a virtual reality package to not only assist our clients in their provision of better care, but also help future residents and their families view and recognise how their lives could be improved by moving into an integrated retirement community or care home. The combination of 360 panoramas, virtual tours, video walk throughs and imagery will enable residents and carers to experience the comfort in bedrooms, the community environment from the communal living areas and exemplary facilities throughout. Access to such visual tools enables operators and internal designers to assess the best configuration of furniture choices and their orientation whilst achieving similar results to mock up rooms, but on a more efficient basis.

Still Images

Still images can be referred to frequently to absorb the layout and add positivity to the move into a care environment. They demonstrate facilities on offer and provide a comforting feel to the individual.

360 Panoramas

Access to 360 panoramic views allows the residents and their families to visualise standing in a room and turning around to assess how they could feel at home there. This gives much more that a still image to those who wish to visualise how their home could change with their needs.

360 Tours

If you are unable to visit an integrated retirement community or care home for a tour, the 360 VR tours enables the residents and their families to direct themselves and view bedrooms, private ensuite bathrooms, communal areas, gardens and all the facilities at the property. The individual can spend time in the areas they feel are the most important to them, viewing from each angle. Combining this with discussions with the operator could help alleviate any concerns about a potential move.

Video Walk Through

These videos are a useful tool for revisiting all areas of the integrated retirement community or care home and capture each room on a walk through. These are not interactive but provide detailed visual information on every element so that residents and their families can assess if the integrated retirement community or care home matches their requirements.

For some, moving into an integrated retirement community or care home is a tough decision to make. Leaving a familiar independent home to move into such communities can be fraught with worry, questions and concern. Access to VR and GGI tours and videos can provide comfort and clarity about the potential new home, by enabling the resident and their families unprecedented access to each individual room and to experience being there. Being able to build that familiarity and encourage discussions about where personal belongings and furniture could be placed, can alleviate any concerns and help build connections with the resident’s new home.

Carless + Adams can create bespoke VR and CGI solutions to different integrated retirement community or care home solutions based on their design. Get in touch if you would like to take the opportunity to show case a development to enable residents and their families understand if the property will meet their requirements.

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