Beechmoor Garden Centre


Project Brief

The design of a new care complex of assisted apartments and bungalows.


Originally, the redevelopment for Beechmoor Garden Centre was for a care home and assisted living block on a Green Belt site in Cheshire. Carless and Adams worked with the operator to further understand the needs of the scheme which led to a shift in programme, keeping the care/assisted living building and introducing an array of bungalows on the southern portion of the site.

The apartment building reflects the surrounding residential area through its aesthetic and use of traditional materials whilst the arrangement of the site is carefully balanced to provide a welcoming facility and the necessary requirements for the elderly residents in Cheshire.

The three story assisted living building includes 85 apartments with ample communal space which maximizes the use of balconies and courtyards that will also accommodate the residents from the bungalow accommodation. A central pathway connects the two halves of the site which also provides multiple access routes and a number of outdoor spaces.

Working collaboratively with the council and through public consultations, the proposal sits comfortably within Cheshire and aims to be a modern and attractive redevelopment keeping in mind sustainable techniques and user requirements.

This scheme which boasts a double height entrance hall, also features numerous communal spaces including a pub, shop, a gym for the wellbeing of the residents plus a hair and beauty salon. These facilities are scattered throughout the building to provide the future residents with a care home that will offer them an opportunity to keep their mind, body and soul active. The home is both fresh and vibrant to energise the residents whilst providing the most up to date care facilities in order to assist the carers in their invaluable roles.






Scope of Services:

RIBA Stages 0-3


Full planning permission granted in 2017

Site Area:

1.6 Ha, 3.9 acres

Total m2:

Assisted apartment building 8629 m2, bungalows 2464m2


85 assisted living apartments along with a mixture of 26 individual bungalows.


“Calm and assured management of the entire process, leading us end to end, from initial concept through to a successful planning application. There is no substitute for expertise, gained through depth of experience, combined with great design.”


“Carless + Adams really listen and then apply their skill, expertise and knowledge to the task. Carless + Adams Ltd are one of the few practices that understand cost is important and try to deliver their architectural language in a way that is sensitive to the cost parameters.”